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I’m an extremely enthusiastic Senior Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires - Argentina, now I found my home in London.


I always get excited about creating outstanding, custom, and inspiring designs for my clients which leave unforgettable great impressions. I have had great opportunities to work with an extensive list of clients from various industries which developed my ability to be both adaptable and flexible.


I’m very passionate about Graphic Design and enjoy keeping up to date with the latest design trends which feed my innovative thinking and inspirations. Determination and creativity are my key qualities that enable me to deliver high quality designs and services. 

My Story

I graduated from the Graphic Design Faculty of the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2006 and, after gaining some experience working within the fashion industry and at a magazine in the editorial field, quickly went on to become an entrepreneur. My background as an entrepreneur includes designing and manufacturing luxury handbags; owning and managing a graphic and website design studio; designing and developing a cutting edge online platform that won prestigious grants; creating an online learning platform with a large following and designing fashionable notebooks. Throughout these experiences, I have designed and implemented on-message, effective creative projects and services from concept through completion for a variety of clients from various industries.

How I Work

Any project that comes my way is a challenge for me to create outstanding designs which can develop better connections between clients and their target market, leading to greater customer loyalty, return business and increased success for the clients.


Every creation has to leave a long-lasting and positive impression with the target market which can encourage clients to do what they do best - Inspire and be Inspired.


I always follow a strategic method; identify the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, get to know the company culture and values, research the target audience, competition, and the current market.


With my expertise in communications, website design and social media marketing —along with my ability to collaborate effectively with clients, peers, and various teams—I am confident that my talents and abilities will significantly benefit anyone who works with me.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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